South section - 03/28/2022

Monday, 9:00-12:00 one live, one injured, 72 dead newts
Weather: rained all night in San Jose, in the morning it was still cloudy, then cleared out. The road was still wet.
Coverage: from Aldercroft Heights Rd intersection to the second stop sign.
Newts: 72 dead newts, most were freshly killed. At least 6 juveniles. 22 of them were found on the lake side of the road, 50 on the hill side. The injured newt looked ok, but had an injury near its tail. Wasn't moving much. The live individual was seen crossing the road from the lake to the hill, then climbing the steep hill.
I walked down to Soda Spring to see what it looked like after the rain. I only saw one newt, and a huge bullfrog inside the creek. Also noticed for the first time beautiful leaf beetles & eggs on a young tree by the road. And tons of flowers...

Other roadkills: millipedes, a toad, a slander salamander, 2 arboreal salamanders, and others. Also helped 2 banana slugs (one large, one small) and a millipede cross the road.
Traffic: 5 truck (SJJJ, Midpen), 20 cars, 1 pedestrian, 1 parked car.
My observations of the day -

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