North section part one - 01/14/2022

Friday, 9:20-13:20 no live newts, 595 dead newts!!
Weather: a bit cold, then nice.
Coverage: from the Jones Trailhead parking lot to the boat club. It took me three hours to get to the boat club = 1 mile, so it didn't look like I'll make it all the way to the end of the route. I'll finish it tomorrow morning.
Newts: I documented 595 dead newts, at least 2 of them juveniles. 402 of the newts were found on the hill side of the road, 193 were found on the lake side.
Other roadkills: Tylobolus millipedes, centipedes.
Traffic: 52 cars, 19 trucks (trash, County Roads), 3 motorcycles, 17 bikes, 17 pedestrians, 16 parked cars.
My observations of the day -

Publicado por merav merav, 15 de enero de 2022


That's INCREDIBLE. What an effort. I can join you tomorrow morning if that would help.

Publicado por anudibranchmom hace 10 días (Marca)

OMG, Merav. I think that's the highest count ever for one day. I'll help out by confirming the IDs.

Publicado por truthseqr hace 9 días (Marca)

Thank you, both @truthseqr, @anudibranchmom. It makes me feel so much better knowing that you're there to help out! It was really tough today. I thought there shouldn't be that many newts, as it's been dry, and it wasn't that crazy at the south section two days earlier. But it took me forever to get it done, and I had to stop twice to rest. I think I've never had to stop before. I think it's the first time I didn't finish the route. But I guess it's also the first time we had that many newts in one day...

Publicado por merav hace 9 días (Marca)

It looks like it might be a record year as well. So sad.

Publicado por truthseqr hace 9 días (Marca)

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