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Biodiversity is all around us, but it can be helpful to have a discrete list to focus attention around a particular kind of organism or concept. That's why we've been creating biodiversity scavenger hunts that we call "missions". So far, we've created missions around three different themes and have plans for several more.

Butterfly Mission: Explore butterfly and moth life cycles. (pdf)

Food Web Mission: Find a food web in your neighborhood. (pdf)

Vacation Mission: Find biodiversity while you travel. (pdf)

We'd love to hear what you think! Do these challenge you to find different organisms or think differently about what you see? How will/did/can you use it? What other topics would you like to see? Feel free to comment here or email us at greatnatureproject@ngs.org.

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To have missions is very challenging, & helps keep one's eye open on certain targets of importance that could have been missed in the crowd, yet because things might be different from place to place around the world as regards the timing, it would be a good idea to leave the missions open; for example, when it was the season to look for moths & butterflies in part of the world, it would have ended in another! Keeping the mission open will even add to the value & purpose of an observation! Thank you for making this project worldwide, I find it exciting & so fruitful, as regards knowledge, research, & the study of biodiversity!

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You're absolutely right, yasminam! We do plan to keep the missions open since this is a big, biodiverse world. We know these won't all work everywhere at all times, but we hope there is something that works wherever you are. If you have other ideas, we'd love to hear!

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I just added direct links to the pdf for each so it's easier to download.

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