300 Miles Away and Still Enjoying Oliver Nature Park

Thanks to iNaturalist, I am still enjoying Oliver Nature Park even though I now live 300 miles away. Having explored the park from its opening in January, 2014, through February, 2020, I feel as if I'm walking the trails and disovering the plants, insects, birds, etc. with you, the photographer. So, I thank you for participating in iNat and posting your observations here. When I lived in Mansfield, I maintained a list of the Flora of ONP. Just recently, I discovered a species that I had given an incorrect ID and added it to the list. If anyone would like to have that list, email me at suzetterogers@att.net. Warning: it's a l-o-n-g list. There are 589 documented species and 18 undocumented. Documented means photos are on iNat; undocumented means reported before this project was created. I look forward to seeing many more photos of the wonderful nature that occurs at ONP daily!

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Miss having your observations posted, Suz. Hopefully you have found a similar area close to your new home

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@cocr I surely enjoy your observations! Outstanding photography! I miss ONP and seeing people like you there. There are so many nature areas here in the coastal plains of TX, but health problems are not allowing me to explore them. So, iNat serves as my daily nature fix. I hope you are well.

Publicado por suz hace más de 1 año

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