Observation(s) of the Week June 19th – 25th, 2022

Welcome to the 6th Observation of the Week (OOTW). We’re getting close to 400 observations, and collectively we’ve seen 42 species – way to go!

This past weekend, we took part in a North American Butterfly Association (NABA) Butterfly Count. Thanks to all our awesome participants who joined us and persevered through the very hot day: @bob15noble, @donscallen, @carl-adam, @c-elliott, @fozia, @patrick2008 & family, and @greenookgladelh & family! We found 161 individuals of 21 species over the course of the 4-hour event.

Our event was so full of great finds that we couldn’t choose a single OOTW. So, we’re highlighting the entire count! Although we didn’t take pictures of every observation, you can see some of our finds by viewing this collection from the event. Which one do you think is the most interesting?

There were a few finds that our butterfly count teams were particularly excited about. On Kristen’s team, Bob (@bob15noble) found two Bronze Coppers – these beautiful wetland butterflies are uncommon in our area. Laura’s team saw a Giant Swallowtail, netted by Alan – this is the largest butterfly species in Canada! There was also a White Admiral that took a liking to Patrick (@patrick2008), while Corin (@greenookgladelh) caught about a zillion Common Ringlets.

Our most observed species during the count was the European Skipper. This is not surprising, as this introduced butterfly can be very abundant in grassy open areas – which are common at Warwick Conservation Centre, where we held the count.

Warwick Conservation Centre is one of CVC’s administrative offices, and is normally closed to the public. The butterfly count provided a special opportunity to survey this area, which offers a great variety of butterfly habitats – including meadow, wetland, and woodland – allowing many different types of butterfly species to thrive.

One of the best things about the butterfly count was seeing the knowledge shared and connections made between participants. We look forward to continuing to build these connections throughout our summer events. Don’t forget to register for our next butterfly hikes in July and August:

Written by @lltimms, Senior Specialist in Natural Heritage, CVC and @kristenvalencia, Program Assistant in Community Outreach, CVC.

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Awesome! Good job everyone.

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