Final mopping up of the projects

While the final mopping up of the projects is taking place let us have a quick look at how things stand.
It is not over yet. The final bell will only ring at 24h00 this Friday (03 May 2020).
So, carry on uploading any observations you took over the weekend. And carry on identifying.

Observations: (not final)
Cape Town so far stands in first place with 32945 observations. 3005 ahead of San Francisco Bay Area currently in second place.
Garden Route in 11th place with 15655 observations. Just a shy 162 observations short of 10th place currently been held by Hong Kong.

Species: (not final)
Houston-Galveston so far stands in first place with 2868 species. A shy 244 ahead of Cape Town in second place.
Garden Route in 6th place with 2158 species. Just 233 species short of 5th place currently been held by Dallas/Fort Worth.

Observers: (not final)
San Francisco Bay Area is topping the charts with 2437 observers. 913 ahead of Los Angeles County.
Garden Route in 41st place with observers. Just shy of 10 observers to match ABQ (Albuquerque).

Summary (not final)
A summary of all the projects over the 4 days:
Observations: 741617 – with Garden Route making up 2.1% of these observations.
Species: 30037 – With Garden Route making up 7.2% of these species.
Observers: 39595 – With Garden Route making up 0.8%of these observers.

Garden Route. We did well. Very well.
For all the newcomers who came on board, please stay with us, and carry on building towards 2021.

The Facebook page will be staying active. And any updates, information, training, events and BioBlitz’s will be posted on here.

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Publicado por shauns shauns, 29 de abril de 2020



Mopping up May 3rd? Sunday? see your note Friday May 3rd.
thanks Marie

Publicado por mariepol hace 12 meses (Marca)

Thanks for the correction.
Yes, 3rd May is Sunday.

Publicado por shauns hace 12 meses (Marca)

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