Diario del proyecto Center on Halsted Rooftop Prairie Pollinator Garden

23 de febrero de 2021

Starting iNaturalist project for Center on Halsted

The rooftop green space at the Center on Halsted consists of approximately 4,700 sq. ft of green roof, an organic vegetable garden, raised beds with ornamental plants, and a small formal parterre garden. In addition, the adjoining deck and balcony contains 13 large containers with seasonal ornamental displays.

Most of the rooftop green space at the Center on Halsted is green roof that was originally planted in sedum (stonecrop) a traditional plant species used for green roofs because of its drought, cold, and wind tolerance. Much of the green roof is currently being converted to a pollinator garden that emphasizes the use of native prairie plants. While much of the sedum is non-native and some other planted species are non-native, the vast majority of new plants are native prairie species intended to provide habitat and food for native pollinators, including primarily bees, wasps, butterflies, moths, flies, and beetles.

This iNaturalist project documents primarily the various pollinators that visit the green roof prairie, the vegetable garden, and the other plants of the Center's rooftop green space. It also documents pollinator predator species, such as ambush bugs, dragonflies, and arachnids, but also may include birds, though they are not the focus of this project. Finally, the project will document incidental insects, such as aphids and grasshoppers, as these are often prey species for the pollinating wasps and pollinator predators such as ambush bugs and lady bugs.

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