Stranded and dead Brown Pelicans in Lake Merritt

There have been sick and dead Brown Pelicans in Lake Merritt over the few days. This is part of a state-wide coastal mass stranding affecting just that species :

If people find a sick or injured bird they should call Oakland Animal Services at 510-777-3333. Please provide the best directions possible on voicemail so that the Animal Control Officer can find the bird needing rescue.

If people find a dead bird they should contact Oakland Animal Services through this link to get the body removed.
There is a short form to fill out.

If possible take a ...más ↓

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In the spirit of the nation's first municipal naturalist Paul Covel's book "People are for the Birds!" this project is established to provide a site for posting and viewing the resident and migratory birds that are seen at the Lake Merritt Wildlife Refuge in Oakland CA.

The Rotary Nature Center at 600 Bellevue Avenue has historically led the way, and Golden Gate Audubon activities ...más ↓

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