Who is here now on KN who might like to go out iNatting?

Are there any other iNaturalist people who are here in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis right now? I live in NYC but I am visiting Nevis right now, staying at the Oualie Beach Resort on Nevis for a month from April 14th to May 12th 2004.

I have been asked by Miriam Knorr of the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society if I would go out iNatting at Nelson Spring because she would like to have an iNat list and little journal article about what lives there, if possible.

So I intend to go over to Nelson Spring sometime before May 12th (when I leave) and go iNatting for an hour or two.

Is there anyone around who would like to come with me? Would love to meet you. We can go to Nelson Spring in a taxi. I would even pay for your Water Taxi ride over to Oualie.

If you are interested in coming along, please leave me a message here.

Susan Hewitt

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