Getting ready for the bioblitz!

Hi all,

Looking forward to this weekend's blitz. Despite the dodgy weather, the blitz will still be running at this point. If it looks like we'll get bad thunderstorms, however, we may have to postpone it, so we'll keep everyone updated.

We now have a schedule for this weekend; check it out here. We've got heaps of amazing people onboard, so it will be a great opportunity to learn from the experts.

Remember that you don't have to add your observations to the project manually; as long as you upload an observation normally within the defined area, it will be included.

One thing that will be helpful though is adding the observation field 'Big Bushfire Bioblitz: burnt or unburnt?' to your observations. All you have to do for each observation is search for that text string under the observation fields menu, and then select either 'burnt' or 'unburnt' from the dropdown depending on which area you were in. If you're unsure, don't worry about filling it out and we can do it for you :)

Feel free to ask me or @alpine_flora_of_australia if you have any questions.

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