Michael Hawk

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I'm doing everything in my power to empower people to make a difference for the environment.

After two decades in tech, I decided to take a huge risk and leave my job to devote myself to conservation. I produce Nature's Archive podcast and Jumpstart Nature Podcast and founded Jumpstart Nature, an innovative new conservation organization that seeks to leverage new media and technology to empower everyone to make a difference for nature.

I'm looking for funders, partners, and volunteers to make Jumpstart Nature sustainable, and to help us achieve our vision and roadmap. My number one goal is to reach as many people as possible with a positive and inspirational conservation message, while being able to pay the bills for myself and my family, so I'm open to all forms of partnerships or conservation employment.

I'm a certified California Naturalist, Certified Interpretive Guide from the NAI, board member of the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society, and volunteer field trip leader for several SF Bay Area nature groups, and lead lots of other field trips and biological surveys. Communications, technology, and operating multi-discipline groups are my specialties.

I'd love to partner with, collaborate with, or simply amplify your nature passion. If anything I've written sounds interesting, please message me!

Birding has probably been my longest standing nature hobby (after photography), so you can also find me on eBird.

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