Campos de observación

Los campos de observación son campos de datos adicionales que se pueden agregar a las observaciones.

Nombre Fecha añadida ↓ Tipo de datos Descripción
City Rooftop Garden 17/04/2024 text Identifiying garden type
% Window Coverage 15/04/2024 numeric What percentage of the the wall where you found the bird is covered by windows?
If "Other," please enter the building name. 15/04/2024 text
Buildling Name? 15/04/2024 text Where did you find the bird?
cultivated/unknown 15/04/2024 text
Confirmed Breeding Code 15/04/2024 text
資料來源 15/04/2024 text 維基百科&Google
Location Open Space 15/04/2024 text Location of openspace where surveying has taken place
蛾蛹(オダマキトリバ) 15/04/2024 text オダマキトリバ幼虫は果実に穴を開け種子を摂食する。サクラソウ個体群の種子生産に及ぼす影響がある。 オダマキトリバの可能性のある幼虫、蛹を発見した場合は、可能であれば、葉や花茎とともに虫籠に入れて持ち帰り、成虫に生育するか確認する。
蛾幼虫(オダマキトリバ) 15/04/2024 text オダマキトリバ幼虫は果実に穴を開け種子を摂食する。サクラソウ個体群の種子生産に及ぼす影響がある。 オダマキトリバの可能性のある幼虫、蛹を発見した場合は、可能であれば、葉や花茎とともに虫籠に入れて持ち帰り、成虫に生育するか確認する。
On native plant 14/04/2024 text The host plant or plant being visited is native to the area where it is growing
Zwelo 14/04/2024 taxon PLANTS
Polinizador 13/04/2024 text Interacciones
Planta para polinizadores 13/04/2024 text Especies de flora silvestre para jardines de polinizadores
APU MOL 24 Munsiari 13/04/2024 text To specify observations for this project
redback tail autotomy? 12/04/2024 text does the salamander show evidence of having drooped its tail
Redback Color Morph 12/04/2024 text Redback or leadback phase, or erythrisstic to label p.cinereus
US_PNW_DNA_Sequenced_Agaricus_Subgenus 12/04/2024 text
Size jellyfish 12/04/2024 text Size range
1ere obs en Nouvelle-Calédonie 12/04/2024 text
Índice de Prevalencia 11/04/2024 text A) Plantas Obligatorias (OBL) 99% probabilidad; B) Plantas Facultativas de Humedal (FACW) 67 a 99%, C) Plantas facultativas (FAC) 34 a 66% y D) Plantas Facultativas de Terrenos Elevados (FACU) 1 a 33%
sand gathering bee fly 11/04/2024 text Sand, soil, dust collecting of female bee flies (Bombyliidae) used to coat their eggs for protection
GPS quality 11/04/2024 text Accuracy of GPS data recorded, based on wether or not Open GPX Tracker was used
Arachnorchis unnamed species 11/04/2024 text This field is for indicating unnamed Spider Orchids in the segregate genus of Arachnorchis within the broader Caladenia genus. This list is obviously incomplete and more species can be added.
Pterostylis segregate genus 10/04/2024 text Segregate genera within the genus Pterostylis are from the CD Key, Australian Orchid Genera, published by the CSIRO in 2008 and available on the Internet.
Caladenia segregate genus 10/04/2024 text Segregate genera within the genus Caladenia are from the CD Key, Australian Orchid Genera, published by the CSIRO in 2008 and available on the Internet. The dropdown list is only for genera that do not stand alone on iNaturalist.
Anemone ranunculoídes 09/04/2024 taxon Ветреница лютичная (лат. Anemóne ranunculoídes) — растение семейства Лютиковые, вид рода Ветреница.
Pavement inhabiting organism 09/04/2024 taxon Grows/nests/lives in urban pavement cracks/cracks in the asphalt/interstices between pavement tiles
Building or enclosure name 08/04/2024 text Example: Polar Bear enclosure, Porcupine half-wall
Observation of Atypical Guinea Fowl with Distinct Morphology 08/04/2024 text
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