What does a "stay-at-home" order mean?

I live in Manhattan, in New York City. Some of my friends appear to think that a "stay-at-home" order means they have to stay in their apartment and not go out at all under any circumstances. Of course when they do that, they are having food delivered a couple times a day at least, and that is not great for the delivery people in terms of the delivery people's having to commute in from the outer boroughs and therefore their considerable exposure to the virus.

So anyway, I found this quote:

"What is a stay-at-home order? California and New York, two hotspots for the coronavirus outbreak, were two of the first states to implement stay-at-home orders, which limit the circumstances under which people can leave their houses. Under a stay-at-home order, all non-essential workers must stay home. People can leave their homes only for essential needs like grocery stores and medicine, or for solo outdoor exercise."

(A stay-at-home order is not the same thing as a "shelter in place" order.)

NOTE: As mentioned in the quote, solo outdoor exercise such as walking, running or biking is allowed under a stay-at-home order. My husband Ed has been told by his doctor that he needs to walk an hour a day for his health. I go with him, and for me it is a nature walk too. We are very careful to practice social distancing, wear masks and gloves, carry wipes, and so on. Sometimes our walks are longer than an hour (during CNC much longer than an hour), but nonetheless, this amount of exercise is allowed and is healthy.

Of course people who are ill with a somewhat mild case of the virus, and who therefore are not in a hospital, those people should stay in their apartment all the time, and not go out at all for any reason. This is called "self-isolation", which is not the same as "stay-at-home".

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I feel so lucky to live where we do. Good luck and take care!

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Hi Susan
I think the Stay Home orders are different on a state by state basis, although the intent is probably similar. Our governor's order was issued on 29 February 2020 and amended a few time . Here's a paraphrase:
Essential activities permitted under this Proclamation are limited to the following:
1) Obtaining necessary supplies and services for family or household members and pets....
2) Engaging in activities essential for the health and safety of family,household members and pets, ....
3) Caring for a family member, friend, or pet in another household or residence .....
4) Engaging in outdoor exercise activities, such as walking, hiking, running or biking, but only if appropriate social distancing
practices are used.
Reference 20-25 Coronovirus Stay Safe-Stay Healthy

I'm a runner and so I have taken this to heart. I have done some quite long runs but have started from my home and ventured forth. I keep my distance and have stuck to roads or trails. I have (mostly) avoided a very busy trail that crosses our town. While on my runs, I have been doing a bit of naturalist observation. What I've avoided is driving anywhere to go hike and run some of my favorite mountains. The mountains will be there next month and next year. I had planned for the last year to start hiking the Appalachian Trail starting at end of March but that isn't going to happen this year.

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Michigan has specific orders from the governor but most localities are ignoring much of it for a large part. Hardware stores can sell you essentials like nuts and bolts or a steel rake but can't sell paint - but they are selling paint like crazy. No motor cycles or pleasure boats but they are everywhere. I asked a dude from the Forbidden Wheels MC about the law as he was getting on his bike and he said "who's going to arrest me"? It's crazy out there!!!!!

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I have been walking/cycling every day when I'm not diving. I made a 100 mile ride Sunday, went diving yesterday, then a 50 mile ride this morning. I will get in 1000 miles for the month for the first time. I carry a mask in my pocket in case I need to go into a store, but otherwise, my life hasn't changed.

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Wow Phil, your life sounds ideal to me! :)

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I'm enjoying life more than at any other time. I retired three years ago and can now actually dive on days that don't begin with S.

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More power to you!

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@kiwifergus Thanks for that perspective. I live in the western US, Washington State where most are taking COVID19 like NZ. There have been some exceptions and protests but in the main there's calm. We are making our way back from the pandemic slowly. Next week, some parks are going to open up.

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Fortunately for us, in NYC they did not close the parks, only the playgrounds.

It is really good that they left the parks open, because otherwise the inhabitants of Manhattan would have nowhere beautiful to walk. The streets and avenues are mostly quite depressing, with almost all the stores and businesses closed and a fair amount of litter.

Most wealthy/well-off people have left the city, so their apartments are all shuttered up.

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