Limekiln-Priest Rock, Sierra Azul - 3/23/2021

All of a sudden today I felt silly and regretful for not keeping nature notes here over the years. No time like now to start! This will be very informal and often quick and dirty, serving as an external brain for all of the notable things I'm sure I'll remember, and want to, but usually go in one neuron and right out the other otherwise.

Today's walk was the loop around Limekiln-Priest Rock at Lexington/Sierra Azul, and again it was both windy and wonderful. There's a lot of Ceanothus cuneatus (buckbrush) that's totally going off right now, the smell was delightfully carried by the wind and accompanied me through much of the walk. Other flowers too, especially notable were quite a few patches of warrior's plume and lomatium, along with the usual early suspects of shooting stars, hound's tongue, milkmaids and a lot of maidenhair ferns. Other chaparral plants are in their tender growing phase, and smell wonderful, not bitter, like pitcher sage and artemisia. Also on the olfactory front, mountain mahogany is blooming, which isn't at all showy but has its own interesting scent here and there.

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