17 de junio de 2023

iNaturalist week 5: Plant Walk

I walked for around 45 minutes in the Fullersburg Woods, a forest preserve near my house and the location of last week's walk, and had a very pleasant experience. I mentioned last week that we have not gotten rain in quite some time and so it was hard to find any fungi or lichen, but in the past week we have gotten a lot of rain so everything seemed to be much greener and plants/flowers were really blooming. The river was also swelling this time which made my walk even more serene. I found lots of different plants and flowers, which I have trouble identifying exactly, and even a really cool looking caterpillar. I don't walk through these woods often and if I do, I am rarely noticing the great biodiversity in the area. I also saw another deer this time, which I always love! These assignments are a good way to get myself to go on a peaceful and decompressing walk at the end of the week. As I mentioned earlier, I noticed that the woods were much more alive this time and I am excited to continue doing these walks throughout the summer, whether it is for an assignment or not.

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10 de junio de 2023

Assignment 1 - Fungi/Lichen

I took my walk in the Fullersburg Woods Forest Preserve near my house in Hinsdale, IL and walked for jsut under an hour right before dinner time. I actually really enjoyed my walk because I have not done something like this in a long time and I opted to just take pictures and upload them after so that I could just whip out my phone quickly and then continue walking without it rather than spend more time on it during the walk. I did not notice any bugs, which is uncommon for these woods, and there was a nice breeze that made it rather peaceful. I realized pretty quickly on that there was less fungi to take pictures of than I expected, which I think is because it has been super dry here. I only saw one mushroom growing on a log, and i even walked with a couple that I bumped into along the way that was mushroom hunting for a few minutes. They had some app for mushroom hunting but we still couldn't find any because it was so dry. Besides the mushroom, I took a few pictures of some moss that I saw, which I know is a plant, but still interesting. I also almost walked right up onto a deer without noticing, and got a cool picture of the deer and some bluejays. The river had a lot of algae on it, which I think is because since it has hardly rained in the past month, the river has not hit a swell and the water is pretty still so the algae is blooming.

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