South Creek Wilson Park Survey

There is a field at 38.840002, -121.271484 which I had yet to walk, so today I made a quick survey. It being October the fields were dry, but there is one small creek, probably spring fed. I walked in along the creek from the South Creek Wilson Park Trail Head area. There was a large variety of plants, some of which I captured in photographs and posted. I did see a Black Tailed Jackrabbit which I did not photograph, and I was able to photograph a Red-tailed Hawk, which took off from the creek area when I parked my bike. It was being harassed by another small hawk, maybe a Kestrel, given the size. Besides observing a few other birds and a few dragonflies, there was not much fauna about.

I did find the skull of an interesting small carnivore, maybe a Bobcat, and a long leg bone of probably a sheep.

Collected the remnants of a metalized balloon and disposed.

Publicado por joerich joerich, 06 de octubre de 2022


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