Near Collision with Humming birds!

The humming birds were at each other again near the feeder! It was very comical to watch a young humming bird (HB2) finally putting up a fight with a slightly plump and mature humming bird (HB1) in order to drink from the feeder. We have been noticing HB1 perching on the wind chime to keep an eye on the sugar water feeder - they are few feet from each other. Earlier, it used to perch on the highest twig of the Weeping Willow tree as a watch out spot. I have seen it chase other humming birds as soon they would approach the feeder so many times. Now it has started perching on the wind chime which is much closer. I saw it also fluffing its wings and crouch down in order to look big. It is hilarious! Although, HB1 seems like it has put some weight! :). Anyway, I saw HB2 fence off HB1 even though he was much smaller! They both fluttered over the feeder going in circles, advancing towards each other and moving back and forth. Eventually, HB2 took a quick swig and flew away and HB1 resumed its post on the chime.
Later in the afternoon, as I was sweeping the pink blossoms of the Crape Myrtle in the front yard, two humming birds almost collided with my forehead as they came flying & chasing each other. Last minute they flew over my head like to tiny jet planes! They are adorable, yet feisty and territorial creatures!
Earlier that morning, I also saw many beautiful and peaceful creatures, plants and flowers as I took my four legged friend-Tess for a walk at the Apex Athletic/nature park. I saw purple flowers( Morning Glowry?) on the vine, green frogs sitting at the edge of the pond as though they were meditating, blue and green dragonflies fluttering among purple and white flowers and bright green leaves. Saw bright yellow and black Swallow tail butterflies too. Most intriguing was the screeching of a bird which I assumed was that of a hawk. I took a video for few seconds as I could not see it as it was coming from high among the trees and wanted to record the sound of its call. I briefly saw it flying among the trees- it was big and light brown in color. I also was big white mushrooms in clusters. There were pieces of dead wood with various kinds of mushroom or fungal growth all around. Even in death, they looked so beautiful. It is beautiful little nature park which both me and my dog enjoy very much!

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Don't you wish that the hummingbirds would realize that there's enough sugar water at the feeder for all of them to enjoy?!? I guess they're just too territorial for that kind of reasoning. ;)

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I try to talk to them but they won't listen! Yes, I wish they would figure it out.

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