Philipp Hoenle

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All my images are in the public domain. Although not required, I'd happy if you let me know if you want to use them for your project (papers, books, etc.)!

I love ants. If you want me to identify your ant, or just show me a particular interesting observation, please don't hesitate to tag me in the observation! (@myrmecophil)

My camera equipment:

Panasonic G91
Canon R10 (for telephotos only, since 2024)

Laowa 50 mm
Laowa 25 mm
Laowa 7.5 mm
Lumix G-Vario 150-300 mm
RF100-400mm F5.6-8 IS USM (since 2024)

Flash: Meike MK-320
Diffusor: Cygnustech and Dörr

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