Campos de observación

Los campos de observación son campos de datos adicionales que se pueden agregar a las observaciones.

Nombre Fecha añadida ↓ Tipo de datos Descripción
Eating fruit/seeds of 22/01/2022 taxon
Observed biotic and abiotic pressures 21/01/2022 text The proximate human activities or processes that have impacted, are impacting, or may impact the vegetation type.
Ecological integrity 21/01/2022 text Ecological condition refers to the extent to which the composition, structure and function of an area or biodiversity feature has been modified from a reference condition of natural.
Plant Phenology (iNat Attribute) 21/01/2022 text Workaround for the iNat app which doesn't enable Annotations until the observation is uploaded. This field will facilitate the annotation of observations after the upload.
Micro-reservas naturais na Lousã 21/01/2022 text Designação abreviada da micro-reserva que poderá vir a incluir o local onde foi realizada a observação. (LSA: Lousã / N2k: Natura 2000 / BFV: Baldios de Vilarinho)
SeadragonSearch 21/01/2022 text Has this image been added to the SeadragonSearch database?
EwA - Featured 20/01/2022 text Observations marked for use in EwA content
Left entry 20/01/2022 text Side of the entrance of the nest
Right entry 20/01/2022 text Side of the entrance of the nest
Tree ID # 20/01/2022 text Internal organization system using a unique identifier per organism.
on Acer palmatum var. dissectum 20/01/2022 text Acer palmatum var. dissectum
Sus? 19/01/2022 text
Check location accuracy? 19/01/2022 text Please double check the location of your observation.
Cavity 19/01/2022 text Name of the cavity in which the organism was found
Flora of Uzbekistan 19/01/2022 text
Number of Individuals Observed: 19/01/2022 numeric
Area of Invasive Infestation (square metres) 19/01/2022 text A binned report of the coverage of specimens in the documented patch. If you have a more specific value than these approximations may I suggest the "Area in square meters" observation field which allows for numeric reporting.
UM BOL sample 18/01/2022 text ID sample number of the organism as part of the University of Montpellier Biology of Life project
Biodiversity-friendly practices 18/01/2022 text Do you implement a biodiversity-friendly practice at this location?
EwA - External Record Usage 17/01/2022 text
Verified (observers: please leave the default value "No") 17/01/2022 text Allows project managers to retrieve observations with fields not verified yet
Landscape features 17/01/2022 text What landscape features exist around your farmland?
VWOOA: Action 17/01/2022 text Choose a recommended action by the Responsible Party
VWOOA: Back Street - House Number 17/01/2022 numeric List the number of the house behind the observation
VWOOA: Tree Number 17/01/2022 numeric Assign a sequential number to this tree
VWOOA: Responsible Party 17/01/2022 text List the party responsible for care
VWOOA: Back Street - Name 17/01/2022 text List street behind the observation
VWOOA: Main Street 17/01/2022 text List main street of observation
Identificado por Naturalista hasta: 0(ni familia), 1(a familia), 2(a genero), 3(a especia) 16/01/2022 numeric Identificado por Naturalista IA hasta este nivel
En CCUD: 1(en País), 2(en Estado), 3(en Municipio), 4(en Lugar) 16/01/2022 numeric Hay ejemplar en CCUD Datos Abiertos
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