15/11/21 Bird & Frog survey: Yellingbo

Notes from: a Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater hosted citizen science event.
Amy said it all, "Today reminded me of the utter joy and peace that comes with walking in nature with likeminded individuals. It was my first time back in Yellingbo since August, and I was very excited to be greeted by a wombat in the first ten metres of our walk. A bucket-list item to see an iconic Australian species up close. Although the weather was a bit all over the place, we had a few minutes of glorious sunshine to warm us up whilst we enjoyed morning tea."
With all of us driving through heavy rain (not showers) to get to our meeting point, a change of site seemed a good option. We were richly rewarded with 39 bird species positively identified and 1 raptor we couldn't quite ID. Oh well, next time :)

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