Spring budget increase!

April 7, 2021. Fabulous developments from today's monthly Willowridge Community HOA meeting - the Board has agreed to support a $2000 operating budget for the project this year. This allocation will cover costs of perennial plants and miscellaneous expenses - such as the recently installed garden fencing and soil applications of MycoBloom - a mixture of endomycorrhizal soil symbionts called arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. These fungi support root development and enhance the establishment of natives and may reduce non-native invasion.

I wasted no time in submitting mass orders of plantings targeting the shady eastern section including packera, virginia waterleaf, sweet william and wild strawberry. I also scored some celandine poppy, virginia bluebells, blue flag iris and dwarf crested iris. The first order will be picked up April 17th at the Anti B Gorman facility at the first native plant sale of the season. The second order from Prairie Nursery will be delayed until the end of May. How will I wait??? So exciting!

The goal is immediate impact and I aim to deliver!

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