Spring BioBlitz Results (Week 2)

Results for the second week of the Spring BioBlitz Series below. Each series continues this Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the following events:

After School BioBlitz Series - 21AS3 Event - Friday 17th September, 3pm - 11pm. What can you discover on a Friday afternoon and evening.
Micro BioBlitz Series - 21M3 Event - Saturday 18th Sept, 11am - 12pm. Again, you've got 60min to discover as much as you can.
Fathom BioBlitz Series - Tosia Event - Sunday 19th Sept. The first of the Fathom Series. Head to the beach to record as many marine species as you can.

First in the Soaring BioBlitz Series this Spring, the Rhipidura Event brought in 12 observations covering 11 species from 5 observers. The weather put quite a damper on the day. Top 10 observed species below.

Second in this Micro Bioblitz Series this Spring, the 21M2 Event (10am - 11am) Event brought in a total 107 observations covering 75 species from 15 observers. The top 10 observed species are shown below.

Second in the After School Series this Spring, the 21AS2 Event brought in a total 98 observations covering 82 species from 26 observers. The top 10 observed species are shown below.

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