Happy New Year - and some statistical fun and games

Happy New Year, San Mateo county iNaturalists! We have now passed 525,000 observations for this project, a statistic of which we can all be duly proud.

Just out of idle curiosity, I decided to check to see what percentage of the total iNaturalist observations, our little corner of paradise accounted for, and here's the result: 00.6%! That may seem small, but our county is 744 square miles. Compared to the planet itself (at 196.9 million square miles), our land mass accounts for a mere 00.00038% of earth. So we are outperforming our relative size.

But, you say, that includes vast oceanic expanses that we cannot effectively iNat! OK, so the land mass portions of Earth amount to 57,268,900 square miles. San Mateo county accounts for only 00.0012%. We are still outperforming our relative size by a lot!

As of this writing (8:00 am on the morning of January 14, 2022) there are 88,455,668 iNat observations overall, for an average of 1.544 observations per square mile of landmass on earth, or .45 observations per square mile of earth (including oceans).

Scope Obs. per sq mile iNat in total San Mateo county iNat
Earth .45/sq. mile 705 observations/sq. mile in county
Land Mass only 1.54/sq. mile 705 observations/sq. mile in county

I call that OUT-PERFORMING! San Mateo county - the little engine that could!

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