1200 species for @dpom

Today, the most intrepid iNat-ter in San Mateo county, the remarkable @dpom, reached a milestone: 1200 species recorded in this project! That's remarkable for a small geographic county like ours. It shows how a project like the San Mateo county Bio-Blitz is strengthened by power-users like @dpom and @anudibranchmom, @loarie, @rebeccafay, @kestrel, @kueda , @leslie_flint and @robberfly, and so many others. Thanks, one and all.

Even more, though, @dpom's achievement shows why a vast project like this can inform us about all dimensions of life in the county. While @dpom has seen 1200 species, that does not even constitute HALF of the species total for the project! (And yes, I am trying to goad our champion into being yet more obsessive...I mean, 1200 = 38.56% of the total species seen). Collectively, we can document and learn so much, and leave a record for those who follow us, about what the county contained in terms of life forms in the early 21st century.

Congratulations to @dpom - we are looking forward to future milestones!

Publicado por gyrrlfalcon gyrrlfalcon, 05 de marzo de 2016


Congrats to Ms San Mateo County 2016 Donna Pomeroy 👑👍🍾🎉

Publicado por robberfly hace casi 7 años (Marca)

Being the slaggard in this group, I know how much effort it takes to achieve that status!

Publicado por leslie_flint hace casi 7 años (Marca)

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