The Second Huddart BioBlitz, and 200,000 observations in sight for San Mateo County!

Hope to see all of you at the Spring 2019 Huddart County Park BioBlitz, Saturday April 27. We'll be on the eastern side of the park this time. The trails are shorter, the habitats much more varied, and due to the winter rains, there are plenty of areas with running streams, moist logs, and flowering plants.

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Before the end of this month, this project will have reached 200,000 observations. Great work everyone!

Jennifer (a.k.a. gyrrlfalcon)

Publicado el jueves, 18 de abril de 2019 a las 06:05 MAÑANA por gyrrlfalcon gyrrlfalcon


Wish I could go. We are hosting another event that day. Cogratns on the goal of 200,000 observations!

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