One-Day Bio-Blitz Locations?

As we approach our two-month anniversary, the San Mateo Bio-Blitz just reached 4,000 observations! Thanks to all seventy-one participants: everyone recruit one more participant, as we help iNaturalist to expand.

Sequoia Audubon would like to follow the example set by the McLaren Park Bio-Blitz last month, and sponsor some one-day, site-specific bio-blitzes in San Mateo county. The idea of these events is to bring together specialists, experts, beginners, enthusiasts, and photographers, to thoroughly comb one circumscribed area, looking for all the identifiable plant and animal life within it. These are great fun - like a party, really! - and the viewing can be interspersed with lunch and dinner breaks to compare and upload what people are discovering and photographing.

Sequoia Audubon has its summer planning meeting on July 21st this year. We'll entertain (and likely accept) any concrete ideas for locations and logistics for bio-blitzes between August 2013 and July 2014 at that time. Contact me, gyrrlfalcon (at earthlink dot net, if you'd prefer email), with your suggestions.

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