Using the San Mateo County Bio-Blitz to deepen our knowledge!

We are over 100,000 entries, folks! That's so cool! I've developed, for my personal edification and education, an interesting corollary to this achievement. For the under-studied taxa, it is now possible to generate a list of the species most commonly seen in the county, as a kind of seat-of-the-pants guidebook to local distribution.

Take, for instance, Grasses. According to the project, some 88 species of grasses have been recorded in the county. I would feel unsure of those with only one or two observations, unless seen by an expert. But the top 20 have 9 or more observations in the county, at least some of those sightings confirmed. That feels somewhat solid. Take a look

Maybe I won't have to hope @boschniakia graciously looks at all my entries...maybe I can make her proud and ID a few grasses on my own!

Here's Sac Fungi, that brings up a large % of lichens:

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It is too bad you do not have access to the Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve trail camera project. There are over 100,000 tagged images of animals caught by the cameras over the past eight years. JRBP does lie within San Mateo County and thus could add to your data base.

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That would be a cool addition!

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