Submit the magic 100,000th observation, get a t-shirt!

Dear Participants in the BEST county project on iNaturalist!

We are approaching a magic number - 100,000 observations - in San Mateo County! This project began on April 11, 2013, and in the 1,612 days since, we have garnered, on average, 61.6 observations per day. That's rather remarkable, so we have to celebrate. I will gladly purchase and provide a Sequoia Audubon t-shirt to the person whose observation is the official 100,000th observation in this project. I'll be watching - we admins have a way of knowing...if it turns out to be me who crosses the line, I'll give it to the next person.

Publicado por gyrrlfalcon gyrrlfalcon, 09 de septiembre de 2017


...and....the winner is....@dpom ! The lucky species was a Common Yellowthroat, at an uncommon time!

Publicado por gyrrlfalcon hace más de 4 años (Marca)

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