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30 de junio de 2022

North section - 06/29/2022

Wednesday, 10:15-11:50 no newts.
Weather: nice in the shade, pretty hot otherwise.
Coverage: from the Jones Trailhead parking lot to the second stop sign.
Other roadkills: moths
Traffic: 42 cars (including County Roads and Midpen), 9 trucks, 2 motorcycles, 11 bikes, 7 pedestrians, 20 parked cars (0 cars in the farthest parking lot, very few cars parked along the road).
Since Ryan Philips spotted a juvenile Condor above HWY 17 the day before, there were a few birders around - two on the dam, and another one later at the parking lot. We talked about the birds and the newts, and I invited her to join us. I hope she would! If you'd like to try and observe the Condor, Ryan thought it might be roosting with the turkey vultures around Lexington, so you could try getting there around 9 or earlier, and watch the turkeys as they start flying around. He saw it around 9 am on 6/28.
My observations of the day -

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