3/1/2022 - North side

90 dead newts, 0 live newts, mostly dry but a few on the fresh side
1 dead garter snake

Warm afternoon, mid-70s, dry for a while now. Some nice flowers starting along the road.

The downside of going in the afternoon on the north side is encountering the flood of vehicles to and from rowing practice. Just those trips alone must represent hundreds of regularly-scheduled newt-squishing opportunities in a day.

Moving cars: 78
Parked cars: 12
Bikes: 3
Peds: 3

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@newtpatrol, I agree... the Los Gatos Rowing Club clients are a huge source of newt fatalities. Early on, I talked to one of the instructors and got contact info for the owners. I proposed that they start a commuter bus service from the parking lot at the dam to the LGRC launching area to eliminate traffic to and from their facility. Also, I wondered out loud if they could share the County launching area or create a launching area on the other side of the reservoir which does not seem to have a newt roadkill problem. Although they showed sympathy toward the newts, they were unwilling to do anything to change.
I also talked with one mom who almost ran me over speeding to deliver her daughter to class on time. I recommended that parents get together and carpool to class. She was very hostile (a typical Privileged Patty).

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Interesting @truthseqr. I thought about many of those things and wondered if any of the parents would care. I admire you for having the gumption to approach them. It's incredibly depressing that so many humans are unwilling to change anything about their behavior in support of all of the other life on Earth (and I wonder how many of them take big tax write-offs for supporting conservation causes). Knowing that the parents probably raised their kids to be equally disconnected and self-centered, still it would be great if one of the kids learned about it and cared and took up the cause, maybe someone would listen to them. While I am ecstatically child-free, I do recognize that raising a reconnected next generation is critical for getting us out of our obstinate rut.

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