South section: 11/23/2021

Tuesday, 9:00-10:30 AM
Observers: Robin and Stacie
Weather: Sunny, no rain.
Coverage: from the Jones Trailhead parking lot to the second stop sign.
Newts: Quiet day. Robin had 12 dead newts, 0 juveniles, 0 live newts. Stacey will add later.
Other roadkills: 1 banana slug
Traffic: 11 vehicles, 3 bikes, 1 pedestrian, 2 parked cars (0 vehicles at the far parking lot).

Note: In the Description of every dead newt Observation, I have included:

"The Midpeninsula Board Meeting regarding the ongoing newt massacre is Dec 8. Please submit your support/comments/questions about the roadkill death of 5,000 Pacific Newts per year on Alma Bridge Road here: For more info or to join Newt Patrol: "

Feel free to copy/add this text until Dec 8!

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