North section - 11/09/2021

Tuesday, 9:10-11:50 no live newts, 57 dead newts
I walked with Monica.
Weather: cold, cloudy, light rain during most of the walk (with a rainbow from time to time!)
Coverage: from the Jones Trailhead parking lot to the second stop sign.
Newts: 57 dead newts, 8 of them juveniles.
Other roadkills: 2 tree frogs, 2 Jerusalem Crickets, a few banana slugs, and a few Tylobolus millipedes. In one spot we saw 3 unidentified dead creatures - possibly slugs? and
We saw county parks and county roads trucks on the road, and met with very friendly county roads people, who were there looking for dead newts, wanting to learn more about them. We had a long conversation, and we're planning to keep in touch!
Traffic: very quiet - 25 cars, 8 trucks, 0 bikes, 9 pedestrians, 5 parked cars (0 cars at the far parking lot).
My observations of the day -

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