Week 4! What’s been happening with cold-blooded creatures? Have you peeked into a pond, puddle, or stream lately?

The warming of the soil and freshwater habitats means new creatures emerging everyday!
Did you hear any frogs, or toads when you were listening last week? Freshwater, even puddles, can be full of life in the spring. Frogs, toads, and salamanders all leave jelly covered eggs to grow in shallow freshwater. Tadpoles are starting to hatch! Newts are on the hunt in the ponds. Insect larvae are hatching into the water, overwintering nymphs are active and patrolling the shallows of the kettlepond for tasty prey. Reptiles are warming up and starting to move around too. Check out sunny areas on a pond! Turtles can be seen basking, warming their bodies in the sun. Snakes are beginning to be active and can be found in sunny areas around stone walls and meadow edges and yards. Last thought for you...Cape Cod is special in the connections of ocean and freshwater, Herring and Eels both use our streams as a way from ocean to pond and back again! The shadbush is blooming and that means the herring are running in the rivers and streams.

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