Day 2 - How Does Contributing to the BioBlitz Work?

  1. Join the Nat Geo Explorer Mindset Community BioBlitz
    A. Click this link to join the project -
    B. Search for the project (Video how to -
    That's how I found the NJSTA Spring Bioblitz when I read about it on Facebook

  2. Any observations you make in iNaturalist that meet the parameters of the BioBlitz will get added to the project once you connect to the project. For this Bioblitz the only "parameters" I set were the dates of June 8-15, 2021. (Brief description here via video -

Curious about how to manage projects? Find out more here -

PS - Thanks, Jess, for inspiring today's journal post.

Publicado por robincmclean robincmclean, 09 de junio de 2021


Theoretically, my Seek find should be syncing to this BioBlitz. When I checked, only a few had synced. 🤷‍♀️ I’m participating, even if it looks like I’m not! 😂

Publicado por owensscience hace 4 meses (Marca)

@owensscience Now to figure out the why of that. 🤪

Publicado por robincmclean hace 4 meses (Marca)

I figured it out! ;)

Publicado por owensscience hace 4 meses (Marca)

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