Welcome to Day 1 of our BioBlitz

Thanks for joining this BioBlitz experiment. I set it up so I could "play" with what it is like to have a project, from the set up to creating posts to seeing what it looks like on the "project management" end, etc. (If you are thinking of creating a project, a guide it at https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/managing-projects )

Feel free to take photos of anything out there in the world. I know some BioBlitz's are set up with a daily theme. This is not. Hoping to see a variety of plants, animal, and fungi showing up from around our explorer community.

As we build our skills, here is a collection of resources on Plant Identification, including some strategies for picture taking to help with identification. https://wke.lt/w/s/oyX4qx

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Hey All,

Thanks for creating this fun activity. I’ve never done a bio blitz before. Where do we post pictures for each day?


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@scubamomma Thanks for asking. You inspired the Day 2 Journal post. Essentially, once you join the project, any observations you make in iNaturalist get added to the project as long as it meets the project parameters.

Publicado por robincmclean hace 4 meses (Marca)

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