Rediscovering a lupine specialist

Some good news on the the species-at-risk front: a little moth that hadn't been seen in the province for over a century has been documented in three spots in southern Ontario. Anacampsis lupinella relies on the sundial lupine as a host plant, and while several lupine-reliant butterflies are extirpated from Ontario (Karner Blue, Frosted Elfin, Persius Duskywing), the moth appears to have survived in a few protected locations. It has been found repeatedly, and often in significant numbers, in Toronto's High Park, the St. Williams Conservation Reserve (Norfolk) and Lambton Shores (Lambton).

Here is a link to download the pdf of a June 2020 article from the Entomological Society of Ontario. Here are the observations of A. lupinella from the Moths of Ontario project:

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Wonderful news! :)

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