DIY entomology II - build your own moth trap

@mikeburrell recently posted a how-to on building your own moth trap, including tips on where to source materials. These traps are fantastic and using them allows you to collect insects throughout the night, which is helpful as different species fly at different times. So if you are relying on a sheet and staying up until 1:00 am, you still may be missing some species. You also may get more sleep by using a trap....

One option to consider for the trap is a garbage can with a tight-fitting lid, rather than a muck bucket. The advantage of the garbage can is that you can store most of the material in the can, and leave it outside.

Also, as Mike notes in his post, mercury vapour lights are becoming hard to find. High quality UV bulbs are also good for traps. Bioquip, based in Los Angeles, will ship to Canada. I haven't found a Canadian vendor for this product. If anyone has any other suggestions, please add a comment below.

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Thanks for posting this, David. And thanks to @mikeburrell for writing this up.
I've been making do with the porch light and some old sheeting which has been doing fine for bringing in the moths. Since I'm at the start of the learning curve, the moths that show up are more than enough for me. I'm not sure I could handle a full night of species. And my set-up is free and easy. All it took was a few nails for the sheeting which will stay up all season, and remembering to flip on the porch light in the early evening.
Having said that, though, the mosquitoes are becoming impossible. I have to wear high boots and a golf jacket with the hood up over my head. Still they swarm my legs and face in great clouds, usually when I'm trying to focus on a new species of moth to photograph. With these last several sweltering days, the jacket and boots are becoming less and less appealing to wear.
Doing the moth IDs in the morning when the mosquitoes are less rabid sounds good to me. I may just have to splurge!

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