Low hanging fruit (and flowers) for identification

It's good to see the id progress on the Flowering Plants of Ethiopia project - over 150 observations at Research Grade now. That leaves about 1,000 observations in the 'needs id' pot, including leafy photos that will be harder to identify to species.

Sometimes - but far from always - when the photos for an observation include flowers, fruit or buds, this is marked up in the Annotations section.

That means its possible to query for observations that still need an initial id, or for the id to be confirmed, and which are more likely to have diagnostic features to help the identifier. There are about 150 of these at the time of writing. It would be fabulous to get these identified or confirmed - it'd double the Research Grade count.

This link will take you to these observations (hiding the ones that you personally have already reviewed)


Other ways to help improve this set for other identifiers
- add the annotation when you see a flower or fruit photo that hasn't been tagged
- mark up obviously planted individuals as 'not wild' in the Data Quality Assessment (see also previous news item)

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Over 175 Research Grade observations now - thank you, everyone!

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