Planted in Ethiopia

One of the issues that we are coming across with this effort to improve the data on wild flowering plants is that a lot of observations of plants that are planted (not naturally occurring) still need to be tagged. iNaturalist rules that even exotic species are eligible for Research Grade, but only if they have spread themselves (eg the seedling of a planted tree). There are quite a few planted specimens turning up as Research Grade in iNaturalist.

If as an identifier, you are marking up an observation of a pot plant or a street tree as 'not wild', it would be super if you also point the users to the new project - e.g. "Your observation will appear in the new project , where users can help one another to identify garden and house plants, street trees, crops and so on. Please do feel free to join. "

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A feature of the 'Planted In' projects is that they also capture some other 'Casual' records, as a result of how I set up the filter, which don't appear in the . This includes observations that are wild species but missing some metadata needed for RG. This morning I spotted a wild orchid in there that lacked observation date - if the user is able to add it this will be another nice record for Ethiopia.

There are relatively few observations in this project at the moment so worth a look through for others like this.

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