Update on Eastern Seaboard Project

Hello everyone! Currently we have 29 members, but please feel free to invite anyone else who you think might be interested to come over and join us.

We are doing well so far. Having started from scratch on October 27, 2020, now, on 23rd February 2021, we have over 26,400 observations of 642 species of marine mollusks.

Any iNat person who would like to help out, as well as making new observations, can also please look for new or old batches of observations of marine mollusks from the Eastern Seaboard, and check to see if those observations have the annotation “dead” or “alive” filled in.

To find this, look under “Annotations”, which is below “Community Taxon” in the right column of every observation page. As well as “dead” or “alive”, you can also choose to say that the alive or dead status of the mollusk photographed “cannot be determined”.

With no dead/alive annotation, an observation will not be added to the Eastern Seaboard project; in contrast, once observations have that annotation, they will automatically be added to our project.

And, if you happen to know or notice anyone who seems to enjoy making observations of marine mollusks on the Eastern Seaboard, perhaps you can ask that person if they would start adding the dead or alive annotation to their observations, in order to save other people a lot of work checking them.

Thank you for your support!

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More power to everyone! This is a great project!

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Thanks @susanhewitt for drafting the Note!

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I tried creating a URL that would help make adding the annotations easier. So hopefully this works! It includes mollusks from the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of the US that do not have the Live/Dead annotation marked. I included needs ID and research grade so that older ones could be added in as well. I haven't figured out how to make the taxon search on the specific marine groups for this project though, so some land species with show up too.

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