Great news!

The first really neat fruit of the project has come! The three Columbia Torrent Salamanders (Rhyacotriton kezeri) that Matt found in January have proven to be the first confirmed records of Columbia Torrent Salamander from Columbia County, and the furthest east that the species has been recorded in Oregon.

After checking the museum records, checking the field guides, checking the published papers, and talking to about a dozen herpetologists in the region, Matt and I were able to submit the find to Herpetological Review, an international journal. They have confirmed that Matt's county record and new range extension will be published in the June edition of the journal.

Something else we confirmed through the whole process is that there are very few published reptile and amphibian records for Columbia County. The lack of investigation of the county was noted to us over and over. So keep looking and see what else you might find!

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Excellent, Jonathan!

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Thanks Jim!

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