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09 de marzo de 2021

A wonderful evening with birder Hilary Powers! LINK to recording

Rotary Nature Center Friends would like to share with you the recorded Lakeside Chat #4, “A Birder in Her Patch-Hilary Powers at Lake Merritt”, now up on YouTube.
We hope you will enjoy it and share it with your friends, families and contacts.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Lakeside Chat #5 with Dr. Richard Bailey of The Lake Merritt Institute and Vanessa Pope of Mudlab Zero-Waste Café on April 5th.
Register for Chat #5 at:
You can read Hilary’s bird walk column every month in The Tidings newsletter of The Lake Merritt Institute.
You can peruse Hilary’s needle felting creations at Salamander Feltworks website and Instagram:
Golden Gate Audubon Society
Birds of the Rotary Nature Center on iNaturalist (there are at least 9 projects about Lake Merritt on iNaturalist!)
e-Bird Birding Hotspot, where 213 species of birds have been recorded
Katie Noonan and David Wofford, Co-chairs of Rotary Nature Center Friens
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Previous Lakeside Chats:
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Lakeside Chat #4 with Hilary Powers – A Birder in Her Patch – Hilary Powers at Lake Merritt
150th Anniversary Celebration of the Lake Merritt Wildlife Refuge

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