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26 de febrero de 2022

Creation of a WhatsApp Group

Hello everyone! :)
I am thinking about creating a WhatsApp group for the members of the project. One main reason for this is for voting on which observation(s) should be titled "Observation of the Week". It can also be used for ID doubts and other reasons.
The first "Observation of the Week" is to be announced tomorrow.
Views are appreciated. :)

Thanking you,
Samrudh Nandagopal

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27 de febrero de 2022

Observations of the week (20.02.2022 - 26.02.2022)

This is the first set of "Observation(s) of the week" for this project! I hope you all like them! :)

  1. Rhinophis karinthandani from Kerala by @davidraju758
    There are three observations, since the photos are not combined. Here are the other two:
    This shieldtail is an iNat first!

  2. Widenose Guitarfish (Glaucostegus obtusus) from Kerala by @demonkingfrommalabar
    This critically endangered fish has a very unique shape, almost like a guitar!

  3. Wayanad Bush Frog (Pseudophilautus wynaadensis) from Kerala by @hejil

Congratulations everyone!

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