Biodiversity Blitz Week 2 Update

We’re now past the half way mark of the September Biodiversity Blitz and the observation count is climbing. Our 170 ‘blitzers’ have logged 6,400+ observations and over 1,000 species. What an effort! With school holidays about to begin we hope to see more observers sign up to the blitz.

It has been a nail-biting week when it comes to the species count on the challenge leaderboard - - with Yarra Ranges and Mornington jostling for first position. Typically, less than 10 species separate us from Mornington.

When it comes to Yarra Ranges observations there has been a reordering of the flora in the top 10 compared to last week and some exciting newbies in our fauna list.

Top 10 flora:

  1. Love Creeper
  2. Prickly Moses
  3. Tough Rice Flower
  4. Australian Mountain Greenhood
  5. Wonga Vine
  6. Blackwood
  7. Pultenaea gunnii (golden bush-pea)
  8. Common Heath
  9. Three-corned Garlic
  10. Australian Clematis

Top 10 fauna

  1. Australian Painted Lady (butterfly)
  2. Crimson Rosella
  3. Laughing Kookaburra
  4. Magpie
  5. Grey Fantail
  6. Genus Chrysso (comb-footed spiders)
  7. Pied Currawong
  8. Western Honey Bee
  9. Australian Wood Duck
  10. Common Wombat

The Yarra Ranges Council Team

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Intersting that some of the species that I have added don't appear in the species list on our home page for Yarra Ranges

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