Why Are Pollinators Important?

Keep Going With Part 3!

We are well on our way with the Pollinators Around the World Project!

Part 3 Focus: What challenges do pollinators face?

As you enjoy collecting data on pollinators, try to identify what might be causing them to struggle.

Try this...
Observe and collect data on pollinators in a meadow or garden area.
Then walk around a more urban area, do you notice a difference in the number of pollinators you see?
What could be causing that difference?
Snap pics and share the pollinators you see in both habitats.

To learn more about the challenges pollinators are facing visit the Pollinators Around the World Project Page and complete Part 3 of the challenge (https://www.butterbee.org/pollinators-around-the-world-project).

Remember...there are 2 ways to participate in the Pollinators Around the World Project.

Part 1 is the iNaturalist challenge.
Part 2 is the YUNGA Pollinator Badge Challenge.

Visit the project page (https://www.butterbee.org/pollinators-around-the-world-project) daily for updates and resources.

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