Time for Part 2!

We are well on our way with the Pollinators Around the World Project!

Part 2 Focus: Why are pollinators important?

For this part of the challenge, let's focus on the connection between pollinators and our food.

As you explore the natural world around you, keep snapping and sharing those powerful pollinator pics!
And...Snap some pics of the wonderful work pollinators do as they help our food systems grow.

Visit a vegetable garden or fruit tree. Look carefully for the pollinators that are helping that plant thrive, allowing it to produce the food you need.

Remember...there are 2 ways to participate in the Pollinators Around the World Project.

Part 1 is the iNaturalist challenge.
Part 2 is the YUNGA Pollinator Badge Challenge.

Visit the project page (https://www.butterbee.org/pollinators-around-the-world-project) daily for updates and resources.

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