North Section: Wednesday 11/24/2021

Conducted survey of North Side from 8:10 am - 11:20 am. Weather was 44F, sunny.

Observers: Karan and Matt (SFBBO Staff)

Documented 51 dead newts, of which 6 were juvenile.

Documented Human Activity:
Cars: 48
Motorcycles: 0
Bikes: 5
Pedestrians: 23
Parked Cars: 39

Notes: Most newts were dried up, about a handful were fresh ones. I met a group of elderly folks who were hiking along the Alma Bridge road that were curious about what we were doing. So, I went through usual the marketing pitch about 5000 newts are killed every year and blah blah. then one of them said, maybe more newts are killed by hikers walking on them than cars. I said we can solve one problem at a time and then moved on. One other person offered us home baked Gingersnap cookie which was nice.

Another person asked what will midpen open space preserve district
do with the data and protect Newts, to which I said maybe build an undercrossing. The remediation plan will be up to Midpen, all I can do is to collect the data to expedite them in making the decision.

Link to my observations for today:

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