Looks like we're having a relapse after the great success we've had. Only 21 observations have been added and that puts us just below the 555 mark. I will go out later this week to see owls though. Maybe I'll get a Barred. Either way, I'll help keep us on track.

Observation of the week goes to @philkahler for a sleepy looking Great Horned Owl in Walla Walla. This is always an easy species to see in my opinion but it's always fun to see them because... well they're owls. It gives me more motivation to see if I can record the pair calling at house. You can see the photo here:

Not much to say in the ways of news. I think I mentioned this in my last post, but I heard a Boreal Owl the other night, though unfortunately, I couldn't make an iNat-able observation. It represents the 2nd Union County record, the first was three weeks after I was born. I may try again for that owl but I don't want to stress him out. Good luck to you and see some hawks and owls!

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