19/05/21 Bird survey: Yellingbo

Notes from: a Friends of the Helmeted Honeyeater hosted citizen science event.
Our Bird surveys are blending with Fungi surveys at the moment (fungi converts in the making!). We can't help but stop for species with fantastic names like the Elegant Blue Webcap, Orange Peel Fungus, Snow Fungus, Salmon Eggs, Witch's Butter and a vibrant blue one from the Genus Chlorociboria. A White-throated Treecreeper was pecking away at a fresh White Punk fungus, a species with cultural significance to the Traditional Owners of the land we are surveying, the Wurundjeri. A quick google search shows that certain insect larvae feed on this fungus, which more than likely explains why the Treecreeper sought it out. The natural world at work. Three Jacky Winter's chose the same sunny spot as us to have something to eat. We opted for camp stools whilst the fence and powerlines were their vantage point. Everyone stood silent when Ryan said, "Hey, I've just seen two Southern Emu-wrens over there." At this time of year, we need to look hard for flowering plants and we've noticed the frogs have fallen almost quiet, but that's why we're doing it - what do the seasons hold - the Yellow Hakea and Silver Banksia are both a stunning splash of yellow and a food source for many species! Thanks to Rachel for recording our bird list, and to everyone for recording what we see :)

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