T R Shankar Raman

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I am a writer and wildlife scientist living in the Anamalai hills of southern India. As a scientist with the Nature Conservation Foundation, I focus on the ecology and conservation of tropical forests and wildlife—especially rainforest plants, birds, and mammals—mainly in the Western Ghats. I write creative nonfiction and essays on nature and conservation for newspapers, magazines, and blogs, besides occasional book reviews and op-ed or feature articles. My book The Wild Heart of India: Nature and Conservation in the City, the Country, and the Wild was published in 2019 by Oxford University Press, India. In 2018, I co-authored Pillars of Life: Magnificent Trees of the Western Ghatswith Divya Mudappa (Illustrations by Nirupa Rao and Sartaj Ghuman).

As a participant in an open initiative called WikiProject Nature and Conservation in India, I have also been contributing media (my images, video and audio recordings) to Wikimedia Commons and editing Wikipedia pages related to nature and conservation in India. My Wikipedia user page

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